Upright ramps are used where the ramp is not available to be embedded into the concrete or to ensure easy installation for the enterprises whose the construction process had finished.



They do not require additional construction work.

Do not occupy any place by coming to an upright position when not in use.

They make automatic level adjustment thanks to the compliance of the hydraulic unit and the control panel.

They are the most appropriate model for the two-storey enterprises.


Standard Equipment

Hydraulic hose burst valve

Yellow black safety markings

Profile support that absorbs the vehicle bump. 


Other Information

They can be easily installed on the concrete ramp without any need for process.

They provide easy and secure use thanks to the compliance of the hydraulic unit.

If the concrete ramp is too low, they provide easy use by making a fixed ramp.

Outside of our standard production, we have got a production according to the status of the enterprise. 

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